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There is more to implementing a Management Information System than merely supplying the software. It is when additional services are combined with the solid experience resulting from several dozen installations that a truly coherent MIS package can be implemented successfully. Based on these valuable qualities that are guaranteed to increase productivity, we encourage you to discover how you can implement a Management Information System that will help your business grow.
1/ Pre-installation diagnosis
Before an implementation is possible, a technical inspection is necessary. Everyone involved in the installation attends the diagnosis session to plan the system implementation, the installation, and the training and support schedules. This is an excellent starting point to learn about each other's enterprises, meet the collaborators and understand their roles in the project. It is in this manner that we can assure a smooth coordination with trainers. A pre-installation diagnostic will also allow us to detect potential difficulties far in advance, get a head start in anticipating operation processes, and make a list of the services and equipment that will be required to implement solutions. A diagnostic summary follows this session.
2/ Installation
The scheduled day has arrived. The Intraprint Corp installation team arrives to perform the set-up of the software application. Aire Informatique is also there to assist with the other services: supplying and installing the servers, client PCs, printers, modems, etc.; installing and configuring the RDBMS; and loading the software applications.
3/ Training
Successful training means the ability to transfer knowledge about the correct use of the software. At the end of a training session, the trainees should have assimilated enough knowledge to be able to use the software package. Together with instructor coordination and support services, the training can be considered complete. Aire Informatique provides training labs fitted out with computer stations and teaching equipment. With no telephones or other potential disturbances, these rooms are conducive to concentration and provide a good learning environment. Training classrooms consist of up to eight participants from different companies. The main course material covers the standard use of the software. A set course syllabus is followed (theory, practice, case study). Most of the trainers are engineering graduates.
5/ On-site assistance
After the first phase of training (on the essential modules) is complete, users of a new MIS system need additional training to optimize their use of the system. On-site assistance is customized for the client. It includes: specific advice for defining parameters, applied case studies, and recommendations and assistance to help the client's business. The assistance takes place at the client site, under real conditions, so that the client may benefit from immediate and applicable solutions. With regular and well-timed sessions, on-site assistance will improve the users' knowledge of the Management Information System. On-site assistance is always customized to the client.
4/ Coordination task
Every M.I.S. implementation requests imperatively a number of coordination intervention. Active participation of the main contributors is required. These sessions bring together the client managerial staff (manager, project director) and the Intraprint Corp coordinator. Coordination task follows up the implementation process from A to Z. On a monthly base the coordinator measures and maintains the project in accordance with the initial targets (schedule, setting-up period, configuration validation, quality and cost). It is an analysis, decision and communication tool. Minutes of each meeting are written and made available to each person in charge.
6/ Maintenance: Telephone support
Aire Informatique telephone support provides a hotline designed for arriving at solutions to challenges encountered. Like this, the MIS users are never alone. All calls are referenced by number and prioritized. If your assigned representative is already handling a call, he or she will contact you at the first availability. Telephone assistance may require a modem connection in order to execute the necessary functions, such as controls, upgrade installation, and various processes.


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