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May 2014
The Realisation of a Signifant Contract with The Sentinelle Group, the 1st printer in Mauritius Island !
Both the French software firm AIRE INFORMATIQUE of France and INTRAPRINT Inc. in Canada, have the pleasure to announce a signficant and important sale with the Groupe La Sentinelle, located in Mauritius Island.
Acoording to the terms of the negotiation
concluded on May 18th 2014, AIRE Informatique – in charge of the implementation - will assure a complete revamping of the Management System of the Groupe La Sentinelle, including the deployment of the ERP INTRAPRINT for 98 users together with its Intranet/Extranet INTRAPRINT 24/7 solution at the Group La Sentinelle.
At the end of its implémentation, the full implemented solution will assure a full homogeneous sharing of information between the different entities comprising the Group La Sentinelle and will contribute to the bettering of the customer service offered to its clients.
AIRE Informatique is the French company headmanning the marketing and deployment of the INTRAPRINT ERP system as well as INTRAPRINT 24/7 (webtoprint) in Europe and in Africa. With a permanent presence in the French market for over 31 years, Aire Informatique can offer its clients a perennial service as a leader of avant-garde technology.
Of French origin, together with its shareholders and directors, INTRAPRINT Inc., is now a Canadian company that governs the implementation and research and development of the INTRAPRINT ERP system and INTRAPRINT 24/7 in its diffusion in North America.

New Contract between Imprimerie Nationale and AIRE Mr OLIVIER ( Manager of Sheetfed firm ) and Mr MENAGER ( C.E.O. AIRE )

March 2013
New Customers
A few examples of recent customers that have joined Intraprint Inc. and AIRE Informatique

December, 2012
Le Groupe Corlet (Web, Sheetfed)
Normandy, France

February, 2012
Groupe Produlith (Packaging and Folding Carton)
Montreal, Canada

September 2011
Delta Reprographics (Wide format, Digital)
Ottawa, Canada

December, 2010
Kayjon Graphiques (Sheetfed, Digital)
Montreal, Canada...


Virtually Instant On-line Real Estimate calculations for up to 6 quantities at once!!

December, 2012
Intraprint Inc., launches Intraprint Version 4.6, the Print Industry’s Most Robust MIS System.
Montreal, Quebec. – December, 2012 – Intraprint Inc. is proud to announce the launch of Intraprint Version 4.6, the most advanced MIS Print Management System ever designed for the print industry. The new release features numerous system-wide upgrades. With this enhanced functionality, Intraprint is redefining how printers integrate and manage their production and estimating activities.

Powered by its powerful optimized estimating software, which is the backbone of Intraprint, the system generates estimates for any machine in the printer’s plant in a matter of seconds. Printers using the new Intraprint Web Solution 24/7 module can give their customers or the printer’s own sales reps the ability to request live virtually instant quotes through the Internet - up to 6 quantities at a time!!

According to Jerry Coogan, Sales Director, Intraprint Inc., “The classic printer line of ‘I’ll get back to you with a quote’ is a thing of the past.” With Intraprint, print sales reps (or the customers themselves) can receive a quote using Intraprint 24/7 in a matter of seconds via a PC, mobile laptop, Android device, other platform or directly via the customer’s own desktop computer!

Central to 24/7's power is the real-time and customizable e-form technology that streamlines customer-specific job information to create estimates and expedite order entry. Also, by linking the printer’s web site with Intraprint web services software, the printer can create dedicated forms to calculate estimates and track jobs, regardless of the site’s programming language or software.

Harnessing the power of Microsoft Sharepoint software and Microsoft Web Services, Intraprint Web Solution overcomes the limitations of HTML forms with limited functionality and browser-specific sensitivities.

Another innovative feature of Intraprint Version 4.6 is its powerful gang-run functionality - used for webs, sheetfed, silk-screen, wide-format, digital and other printing formats! Available in both Estimating and Order Entry Intraprint is the worldwide leader in Gang-Run Software! “For small orders running on a sheetfed or digital press, gang run is definitely today’s way to make profitable business but it’s hard to manage with conventional management software,” explained Intraprint Inc.'s president, Olivier Heu. “With Intraprint, it takes a few seconds to group a number of different products on the same press sheet and to calculate the optimum imposition layout.”

Intraprint provides estimators or sales representatives the most efficient and cost-effective print solution by incorporating all possible equipment, pricing, and layout parameters. Just as important, it enables them to do it instantly for unprecedented levels of customer service. Together with production, accounting, CRM functions, and the new 24/7 e-commerce capabilities, Intraprint is the most comprehensive MIS system in the printing industry.

Currently in development, Intraprint Version 4.7... follow this rubrique for upcoming details!
June, 2012
New Employees!!
As Intraprint Inc., continues to grow, this year it welcomes to its fold: Mehdi-Loup Nasom (Sharepoint Expert), Suzie Michaud and Fabien Chung. (Application Developpers) Welcome!!
January 1, 2012
AIRE Informatique and Intraprint Inc., celebrate 30 years of operations!
It's already been 30 years since AIRE Informatique and Intraprint Inc., have occupied a dominating position in the market of Management Software for the Graphic Arts Industries!

Intraprint 24/7 Online Software for a high level of mobility and accessability!!

June 1, 2011
New Intraprint 24/7 Online Software from Intraprint Inc., increases sales!
MONTREAL, Quebec, Canada - June, 2011 – Intraprint Inc., is proud to add its new 24/7 Online Software package to Intraprint, a leading management, technical and sales information system for the printing industry.

For companies seeking a true competitive edge, 24/7, from Intraprint Inc., is a cutting-edge, time-saving application for increasing sales and cutomer service and for increasing internal operating efficiencies. Equipped with 24/7 running from IPad, IPhone, laptop or other device the sales team can convert quotes into sales orders on the spot, right in front of the customer, while improving client service and support. With 24/7, customer waiting time for quotes is no longer an issue.
Intraprint 24/7 consists of a number of elements including Optimized Estimating, Order Entry, Real-time Order Tracking, Intraprint Web Solution and CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

The optimized computer-generated estimating component incorporates all possible printing press, pricing and imposition parameters. With speedy and precise calculations, this component helps printers and their clients decide on the best manufacturing solutions - with up to 6 quantities calculated at once for live estimates in real-time!

With Intraprint 24/7, both your sales force and clientelle will benefit from this real-time, online technology. The customer, through a very user-friendly customizable interface, requests a quote by product type, triggering an on-target response directly from Intraprint. This yields extremely fast, more accurate quotes ―
a definite competitive edge for the sales team, no matter what the printing job.

CRM enhances all sales follow-ups by offering fully mobile access. Sales representatives can access customer data from portable devices while on the road.

Intraprint 24/7 is a best-of-class tool for improving time management and increasing a company’s estimate to sales ratio.

Mark Caines - President of Speedfast

April 16, 2005
Speedfast Color Press Chooses Airesys Intraprint MIS system
Edmonton, Alberta. – April 16, 2005 – Airesys Inc. is proud to announce the implementation of an Intraprint print management system at Speedfast Color Press Inc., one of Alberta’s largest sheetfed printing companies. Intraprint provides the Edmonton-based printer with fully integrated management software tools including optimised estimating, production, accounting, and CRM functions within one comprehensive MIS system, designed exclusively for the printing industry.

“Intraprint is the most robust, complete MIS system we looked at,” says Mark Caines, president of Speedfast Color Press. “The fully integrated package is dollar-for-dollar the most functional and comprehensive MIS system we evaluated.”

Olivier Heu, president of Airesys, said, “We are pleased to have a customer like Speedfast that recognizes the time-saving and revenue-enhancing opportunities that are possible when using the Intraprint software suite.” He added, “The North American marketplace is now starting to witness the power of Intraprint, just as our many European clients have seen for years.”

According to Jerry Coogan, sales manager, Airesys, “Speedfast’s acquisition of Intraprint will help the company maintain its strong position in the Alberta marketplace by enhancing its sales and production efficiency and by improving the customer experience through the generating of immediate estimates.“

Speedfast Color Press has begun implementation of the full Intraprint package, starting with the optimised estimating, CRM, and order entry modules. Working closely with Airesys trainers and technicians, Speedfast plans to have the final module – the Intraprint Web Solution (IWS) in full operation by July, 2005. The Canadian pioneer of the IWS module, Speedfast will be able to allow select, contractual customers to obtain their own price quotations and track their own jobs through the Internet.

The Speedfast installation also represents the first Canadian adoption of Airesys’ two newest and most advanced modules within the Intraprint system: JDFActiveLink and Intraprint Web Solution.

The JDFActiveLink module links Speedfast’s Heidelberg presses and its Fuji Rampage pre-press system directly to the MIS system using JDF technology, enabling all relevant job information to be collected and fed directly into the software when a new job is created as well as at each stage of production.

The full-suite Speedfast implementation represents the most advanced and comprehensive Canadian installation of Intraprint to date.
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