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What does INTRAPRINT do ?
Intraprint comprises 14 modules, covering everything from optimized estimation to accounting – including e-commerce, planning and production management.
To understand how each of these modules works, visit the product page and click on the interactive diagram.
Intraprint is the brand name of the integrated management software package that Aire Informatique distributes in Europe and Africa.
Which entreprises can benefit from INTRAPRINT ?
Intraprint is designed for all businesses in printing and packaging: sheet printing, web printing, screen printing, prepress, business forms, flexography, label printing, foldable boxes, direct mailing, finishing, prepress, and more.
What are the functions of INTRAPRINT ?
Intraprint comprises 14 modules, covering everything from optimized estimation to accounting – including e-commerce, planning and production management.
To understand how each of these modules works, visit the product page and click on the interactive diagram.
How long has INTRAPRINT been around ?
We have been developing Intraprint since 1991.
The software is comprehensive and has reached a stage of maturity. Over 250 entreprises in 14 different countries have installed Intraprint. Aire Informatique is the company distributing Intraprint in Europe and Africa. Intraprint Inc is the company distributing Intraprint in America and Asia.
What are INTRAPRINT's strong points ?
- Intraprint is a complete solution that can be smoothly integrated and generally easier to use than its competitors.
- The optimized estimation module is incontestably one of the most effective available on the North American market. It includes optimized calculation, the generation of graphical imposition, and the management of grouped print jobs.
- The e-commerce solution, which is built around web services technology and the XML language, is at the forefront of technology today.
- Intraprint is extremely flexible, thanks to its highly evolved configuration, making it the ideal solution for medium-sized companies.
How much does INTRAPRINT cost ?
The cost of the Intraprint solution is a function of 3 factors:

- The number of software users;

- The selected modules ;

- The volume of services and benefits required to set up the application: installation, training & assistance with configuration.

By way of illustration, and without any obligation on the part of Intraprint Corp.:

- An installation of sheet estimation software in a small company of 20 employees comes to about 20.000 €, including the training.

- An installation of 4 primary modules (optimized estimating for sheet or digital printing, job ticket, delivery management and invoicing) for a company of 40 employees, costs between 15.000 and 25.000 €.

- An installation of all the modules, including workshop input and e-commerce, for an organization of 100 employees, would cost between 45.000 and 80.000 €.

The cost of computer hardware and the cost of time it takes for the company’s employees to implement the solution, should be added to the total price of maintaining the system.
How much time does it take to install INTRAPRINT ?
The time it takes to set up Intraprint generally depends on which modules are chosen, the number of users and the complexity of the existing organization. In the present situation, it would take between 6 weeks and 6 month, sometime even more for large organisations.
What work does the company have to do to set up INTRAPRINT ?
The implementation of an integrated management software application requires the participation and the availability of all personnel concerned. This is not generally an easy task and the necessary means for implementing the application should not be under-estimated. The personnel of the company using Intraprint generally assumes the responsibility of setting up the database (including customer files, inventory, stock) and the configuration of the entire solution, under the coordination of the Intraprint Corp’s chief of project. The system’s implementation requires a true commitment on the part of the organization, which will in turn contribute significantly to the quality of the final result.
What hardware is required to make the INTRAPRINT software work ?
Intraprint is based on a two-tier architecture for thick client, or a three-tier architecture for thin client, built on the Oracle database. A Windows, Linux or Unix server is required. The workstations have to be PC-Windows or Macintosh.
Does INTRAPRINT include an e-commerce solution ?
Yes, the IWS (Intraprint Web Solution) creates a permanent link with your customers and your sales personnel. Whether it’s to register a price request, an estimate or an on-line order, modify a delivery address or consult the inventory of finished goods, your business will be open 24/7 from now on!
What is the warranty for the INTRAPRINT software ?
The warranty is for 90 days, counting from the date of software installation. This includes the same benefits as those included in the maintenance contract.
How is the maintenance of INTRAPRINT ensured ?
The maintenance of INTRAPRINT is assured from Aire Informatique’s headquarters in Europe and the offices of Intraprint Inc. in North America. The maintenance comprises telephone assistance, on-line support (via Internet) and the regular provision of new versions of the software.
How much does INTRAPRINT’s maintenance cost ?
The maintenance, including the support and the provision of software costs 15% of the list price of the software licence per year.
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